Building Wasm Applications with Rust

WebAssembly is currently one of the hottest technological developments and Rust is one of the programming languages leading the path to it.

In this session, Rainer Stropek demonstrates how to build Wasm applications for the browser using Rust and related development tools. Besides language- and tool-related topic, Rainer describes how to structure the interface between JavaScript and Wasm to end up with a performant and reliable solution


This session is for developers who have solid base knowledge about browser-based web development. Rust knowledge is not absolutely required to follow the content


  • Learn about important Crates and tools for Wasm-development in Rust
  • Best practices for designing performant interfaces between Wasm and JavaScript
  • Sneak peek into Rust for developers who have not used the language before



Rainer Stropek
Rainer Stropek is co-founder and CEO of the company software architects and has been serving this role since 2008. Rainer is recognized as an expert concerning software architecture and cloud computing. He has written numerous books and articles on C#, Go, Rust, database development, Microsoft Azure and cloud computing, XAML, and web development. Additionally he regularly speaks at conferences, workshops and trainings in Europe and the US.


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